Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"I want to be first!"

My poor Hannah is doomed to always be second. The second-born, the second to go to school, play soccer, you name it. And she is very aware of that fact.

Tonight during snuggle time (after books and before brushing teeth) we were talking about babies growing in mommies' bellies for 9 months - no, I'm not pregnant - and about how each of them started out as a tiny speck and lived inside my tummy for 9 'calendars' (since we do a monthly calendar with the girls).

Hannah - "But why did you pick Abby to be in your tummy first?"

Ron and I looked at each other, not sure of how to answer this one.

Ron - "Well, Mommy and Daddy didn't get to pick who was born first, Hannah".

Me - "God decided which of you would be born first, sweetie".

Hannah - "But I wanted to be first!" Ending in a whiny sob as she started crying - our little drama queen...

Me - "Well you were our first Hannah!"

Ron - "And you were the first to have blond hair..."

Hannah - "But I wanted to be the first one born...." whine, sob, whine. This little girl could win an Oscar, really.

Me - "There are a lot of things you can be first at, Peanut, but unfortunately being born first isn't one of them".

Abby - "I was born the first!" (yes, that's so helpful Abby - keep pointing it out to her, LOL)

We distracted them by announcing it was time to brush teeth and get into bed. When I leaned over to kiss Hannah good-night, I whispered to her, "Hannah if you want, you can be the first to get your hair done in the mornings, any time you want."

Usually I have to threaten, beg or cajole one of them to let me do their hair first - for some reason neither of them ever wants to go first for that, even though they both have to get their hair done anyway.

Hannah - "Yes, I will be first every day!"

Me (smugly) - "Ok!"

Sometimes I don't mind this whole competition thing - just have to remember to always find a way to make it work for me! :)

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9 wonderful people said...:

Donetta said...

Oh too cute. I love it turn lemons into lemon aide on a hot thirsty day:)

Tammy said...

Good one! I love it when we get them to do something that they think is their idea. LOL

kailani said...

Very smart Mommy!

Wendy said...

You wouldn't believe how excited my middle girl was when her older sister (the firstborn) went to college. "Yes! Now I'M the oldest in the house!"

Great post!

Bananas said...

Smart mom... way to use it to your advantage!

Skittles said...

Good job :)

~Amber~ said...


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Nice save. But...are you SURE you aren't pregnant? I was typing out a post where I mention and link to you...and I typed your blog name as Mom of 4 girls. I didn't notice it until I was editing and adding in links!!


Andrea said...'re smart!! :) Competitions work well between my girls too. Well, so far only Joelle understands the concept. Once Malia does too...we could be in for trouble, since Joelle HATES to not be first at anything!!

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