Saturday, September 15, 2007

They won!!

Abby's team won her game today! This is a huge deal for her because her team last year did not win any games at all, either in the fall or the spring. They only tied one game and scored only a few goals the whole year. The game today was really exciting - the teams were pretty evenly matched and the ball was up and down the field during the whole game. Abby's team scored their first goal of the season and it was enough to win since they held the other team off from scoring at all.

And Abby did so well - I was bursting with pride (not a common occurrence for me at her soccer games). I mean, she still wasn't nearly as aggressive about going after the ball, but she did have several chances to kick it up the field and she did more than just run around following after the other kids - she was actively trying to get in there and kick the ball. It was amazing. I only wish Ron could have been there.

Hannah did incredibly well today too - not one tear and no getting upset about other girls kicking the ball instead of her. She was dominating the field and really getting in there and getting the ball away from the other girls and kicking it hard. They added throw-ins to the games today and Hannah had several chances to throw the ball in. She scored 3 goals that I saw - nobody keeps score for the U5 and there are a lot of goals scored since they don't have goal keepers. The 'goal' (so to speak) of the U5 program is to get them used to playing as a team, get their feet on the ball and get them excited enough about soccer to want to keep playing. I don't think there will be any problem with that as far as Hannah is concerned.

In between their games, we had Abby's soccer photos taken and then we headed over to a nearby safety fair for (free!) lunch, balloons, face painting and the girls also got to play on some fun gymnastics equipment as well. I also got all 3 girls fingerprinted so we have a photo-id card for each of them with all 10 fingerprints and I can fill in the rest of their vital statistics so we'll have a handy reference if anything ever happens to any of them. We pray it doesn't, of course, but I think it helps to have things like this, just in case.

Here's Abby having her face painted:

And the final product:

And I love this photo of Hannah with her face painted - I think it's one of my favorite Hannah pictures of all we've ever taken of her:

Here is Becca on the trampoline:

And a couple more fun photos from soccer... Here's what Abby did this week during Hannah's game - it was cold this morning and she forgot her own jacket, so wore mine the whole time.

This was my solution to last week's water bottle issue - it worked very well since Becca couldn't dump these.

Even with the colder temperature, I had a hard time keeping Becca's socks and shoes on all day:

And here's my littlest soccer player!

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6 wonderful people said...:

Anonymous said...

Do you take these pictures? Your pictures are so good!!! They really are, you seem to capture the exact feeling of the moments. I love when you post them. Your children are beautiful, but I had to laugh with Becca and keeping the shoes on. I went though that with Hannah when she was around 2. No matter where we were I would hear that thud sound, and off they would go (in the mall, in the car, outside, etc.). Just brought back memories. Thanks for sharing such sweet and beautiful pictures.

Anna said...

Your girls are so cute! Go, Abby! Go, Hannah! and Becca, too. She's going to end up like that famous soccer player that always played barefoot.

I agree with Eileen - great pictures.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I'm thankful for the cooler weather, but seeing Becca in that heavy coat......brrrr....I'm so not ready for THAT cold!

Great pictures! Sounds like a busy (but fun) day for everyone!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

How fun.. sounds like you all had a great day all around. Congrats on the girls games. They are all so adorable.

Summer said...

Congrats Abby!

Shana said...

Great job Abby! All of the pictures are great! Sounds like you had a fun sat. :o)