Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The mystery of the disappearing and extra $20!

I turned in the forms for our school's fund-raisers on Monday. We didn't do terribly well with them, mainly because I didn't make any attempts to sell anything until the Friday before they were due back. Why they do these things the first two weeks of school is beyond me! But I've gone into that before and that's not the intent of this post.

When I turned in Abby's and Hannah's forms, I asked if I could write one check to the PTC to cover both orders (we had 2 orders, 1 for each girl, plus I bought something from each of them as well). The school secretary said yes, so I wrote out one $40 check and left the forms and check with her.

Tonight I had two messages on our answering machine when we got home.

The first was from Karin, the PTC president, letting me know that Abby's order envelope was empty, so I'd need to send a check to school with her tomorrow for her orders.

The next was from Karin, the PTC president, letting me know that there was an overage of $20 on Hannah's order and she needed me to call her back to let her know if that was intended to be a donation or if there was an extra order for that amount that wasn't listed.


When I stopped laughing, I called her back and told her to just apply the $20 overage from Hannah's order toward the missing $20 from Abby's. She hadn't even realized that she'd called me twice - had just gone down her list of phone calls. She apologized for bothering me.

I just thought it was funny - because it totally sounded like something I would do if in the middle of a big project like a PTC fund-raiser!

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4 wonderful people said...:

Neila said...

That is hilarious! And totally something I would, too! :-)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Yup, sounds like something I would do too! :)

crazy working mom said...

Heh heh heh...that is too funny!

Sounds like my day. :)

Anonymous said...

That is too funny, and I know I would do the same thing. I have had similar things happen with the 3 girls, doing the same dumb fundraisers and just trying to keep track of them is a job in itself. I like the ones now where you have the option of paying the 40.00 up front or taking the boxes of candy bars to sell them. I just pay, cause I now we'll mess it up. Plus, the candy bars (and this is just one of the thousands of fundraisers) magically disappear, yet I find wrappers in the trash cans. Hmmmm, not I wonder. Plus, when I am stressed, having those huge candy bars in the house is a little too tempting for me too! OK, I got off topic, but I just can't keep track of the fundraisers and end up, the night before frantically, trying to get them together or buying crap I don't need just so there will be an order. There must be a bette way.........XOXOX