Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday #9 - Mostly the usual

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So it'll be hard to out do last week's tackle. I really could go for that one every Tuesday! Unfortunately the amount of PTO left in my leave bank is hurting at the moment, so that one won't be happening again for quite a while. Darn.

Today is going to be busy, busy just with the 'normal' stuff. And it's a busy day here at work too, so this post is going to be on the short side.

Of course, they are forecasting a 70% chance of rain today which may cause Abby's soccer practice to be canceled. I'm rather hoping it is, because sitting in the rain with 2 other kids is not what I think of as a 'fun' time.

But if everything goes as scheduled then my day will involve the usual working, running home at lunch to put together sandwiches to take to the soccer field with us for dinner, rushing to daycare to pick up the kids in enough time to make it to soccer practice, chasing Becca all over the field while Hannah plays on the playground and Abby practices, packing everyone back up and heading over to church for kids' choir signups then (finally) heading home for bedtime routine and collapsing. Me, that is - for the collapsing.

Rain might not be a bad thing actually if soccer practice gets canceled - it would free up a lot more of my evening. And maybe let me get some things done around the house that do need to be tackled along with everything else I need to do today.

Like laundry - poor Becca wore pajama bottoms and a t-shirt to bed last night because she was out of clean pj's. So on tonight's agenda is making sure that her laundry gets done and back upstairs because now we're even out of clean pajama bottoms and t-shirts...

So that's my rambling post for today - sorry, I'm a bit scattered since I had to get the girls on the bus this morning (our neighbor who usually does it for us couldn't), so I got to work a half hour late and I've got a meeting in about 1 minute. I really, really miss last Tuesday! :)

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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4 wonderful people said...:

~Amber~ said...

You are such a busy momma!!!! HUGS!!

Laura P said...

Here's to hoping that soccer practice is cancelled!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I know this drill too well! You are way too busy, running, running, running. The life of a mom today. I hope the game gets cancelled, so you can do the laundry.....wait, there is something so wrong with that statement!!! Game cancelled and some nice relaxing time for you.

Zen Master said...

Good Luck with your tackle!