Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Works for me Wednesday #4 - Coloring like the 'big girls'

My 20-month-old thinks that she is 6. And she is convinced that she should be doing anything that her big sisters are doing. This causes some issues when faced with things that are perfectly reasonable activities for a 6-year-old and 4 1/2-year-old, but not something I want their little sister attempting.

Like coloring. I think it's great that Becca wants to sit and color at the table whenever Abby and Hannah are. As soon as I mention the word 'homework' to Abby, Becca chimes in with "I cowa!" and heads right for her chair.

Unfortunately though, the 'chubby' crayons that I bought for her didn't appease her for long. She didn't want those 'baby' crayons - nope, she wanted markers. Like the big girls use. And washable or not, I am not about to let this stubborn little girl color with markers since she has a habit of climbing down from her chair and attempting to take her coloring on the road.

Luckily, I found a great solution - and it's something I already had from when Abby and Hannah were younger. Color Wonder markers and paper may be more expensive, but they give me peace of mind and allow Becca to 'cowa' just like her sisters do. I sit her at the table with a Color Wonder book and pull two markers out, take off the tops and give them to her. I switch the colors out for others so she can have a variety, but she can't keep track of more than 2 at a time very well yet, I've found. I put the tops back with the other markers until she's done - they don't dry up easily and the tops have a tendency to disappear in my house once they fall on the floor and become cat toys. When she's finished 'cowa-ing', I fish out the tops, put them on and put the markers and book away. Becca is happy because she feels like a 'big girl' and I'm happy because nothing turns any colors that aren't supposed to be there!

Abby and Hannah still like the Color Wonder markers also, but I try to limit how much they use them right now since they can use the regular (washable) markers just fine and tend to use up the Color Wonder books way too fast. I also try to stock up on the CW books when I see them on sale, which helps to keep the cost down as well. Once Becca is older, she can start coloring more with regular markers, but for right now, this works for her - and me!

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11 wonderful people said...:

phyllis said...

i agree -- those color wonder things are great. i have a 22 month old and it's the same story. who knew a favorite word would be "marker"!? why do the big kids use up the color wonder books so fast though? i have the same problem with that also. maybe they're just too easy...great post!

zara's mama said...

This sounds so familiar. My 9mth old thinks playing with her 3yr old sister's toys are more fun, and her own block books are less intesteresting than her sister's books.


And Hi btw, I have 2 girls and you have 3.. yeah! Yeah!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is a really great tip! Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

I've wondered about those markers and books. So they really don't color on anything else? I've had my two-year old wanting to "cowa" as well with the almost 4 year old and 5 1/2 year old. And of course, he doesn't want the chubby crayons when his siblings are using very cool markers. Back to Wal-Mart I go!

Marcia said...

Oh Deb, Becca sounds so cute!

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

Tammy said...

I'm going to have to get some of those. My toddler likes pens. He thinks his body makes a great canvas. LOL

Nap Warden said...

I had wondered about these....might have to try them!

~Amber~ said...

Color wonder rules!! Target on 54th and Clyde Park and in Jenison both have them on clearance for $3!!

And yeah, Maddy wants them too, but I tell her no..she uses them all up in a day as well and begs for more.

gwapasila said...

I should try this one too...and thanks for the visit and comment. TC

Kara said...

I need to get the Color Wonder stuff for my 3yr old, he LOVES to color, especially with markers. I plan to get him a bunch of the CW stuff for his birthday this week.

Jen said...

My only beef with color wonder is that the pictures fade. So if she draws something fabulous you MUST save for posterity, make sure to color copy it, or it will be faded to nothing in a matter of weeks.

Jen @ Lords of the Manor