Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Contest winners!

Well, I'm excited to announce the two winners of my very first giveaway!

Just to let you all know how I did this - I numbered the comments and used to generate the numbers for the two winning comments.

I was prepared to let them argue it out for who got which copy if both winners wanted the same one, but it turned out that the two winners, comment #6 (Jean) and comment #4 (Lesha) each wanted a different one. Phew!

So please send me your contact information and I will forward it on to Stacy to have a copy of "Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten" sent to Lesha and a copy of "Let's Get Ready for First Grade" sent to Jean. Congrats to both winners! I'm only sorry I can't send a copy to everyone who left a comment.

Thanks to everyone who entered! This was a fun experience to be on the giving end of a contest and hopefully I can hold another one soon.

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