Friday, September 28, 2007

Will there be one or two coming?

I hate party invitations. Especially for birthday parties. I never tend to get the things out when I'm supposed to and nobody ever RSVPs so I still never know how many people to count on.

I think for Hannah's birthday in November it's going to be different though. I'm going to put Abby in charge of the invitations and RSVPs.

On the way home tonight after we treated the girls to having dinner out (Ron was actually home for once and we had coupons for 2 free kids meals - always a bonus!), the girls were drawing on a couple of clean napkins that they'd brought with them. Abby decided to make a list of everyone who was going to be at 'movie night' that Ron tries to do with the girls every weekend.

"Mommy, are you going to be at movie night?" She sounded all brisk and professional.

"Nope, Mommy's going out to the store tonight, sweetie", because it's Friday night and my friend Kristi and I have been going out wandering the stores together (without kids!) for the past few Friday nights.

"Ok," she thinks for a minute and then, "I'll put your name on the list and then cross it out".

"That'll work."

"Will Becca be at movie night?" Becca isn't always allowed to stay up for movie night because it's usually past her bedtime and she's not very good at sitting still for the movie yet. Not to mention she's really too young for them anyway.

"Probably not tonight."

"Ok, I'll put her name on the list and cross it off too", and she does so with gusto. Then she checks her list,"so that means that Daddy, me and Hannah will all be at movie night but not you or Becca".

She really gets into this whole 'invitation' thing - wanting to make up and 'write' invitations to everything from real parties to imaginary ones. I think it's about time I tap that talent. Not to mention that that she'll probably be more effective than I am at getting people to RSVP because when she sees them, I know that will be all she'll say, "are you coming to Hannah's party?" and if they say they don't know yet, she'll ask again, five minutes later, "are you coming to Hannah's party?". And repeat until she gets an answer. Hey, nobody can think a cute 6-year-old is rude for asking, can they? :)

I think I'm onto something here!

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6 wonderful people said...:

~Amber~ said...

GREAT idea!!!!!

Kellie said...

Awwww! That's the cutest thing Deb!!

Summer said...

Using kids to do your dirty work is a great thing! HA!
When my husband was 2, his 24 year old brother, gave him a boquet of roses and had him knock on his girlfriends door. Then he came out of hiding and proposed. He figured his girlfriend couldn't say no to the cute factor.

Anonymous said...

That is very cute, and a good idea. I hate not knowing how many kids are going to show up. Parents/kids are so bad at RSVPing, you have the perfect solution. Love it!

Skittle said...

I have learned when they are younger, fewer show up. This year for my daughter's 9th birthday we invited 15 kids, 10 RSVPed and 14 showed up. :)

Maybe if you did some type of interactive rsvp...color the picture & they'll be hung up at the party, or ask their favorite color, animal..whatever, and have special customized party favor. Just an idea...probably not worth the extra work, but hey it's not like you are busy staying home with three girls (ha ha!)

p.s. my sisters and I are now 29, 27, and 24 (and my parents actually are still somewhat normal)

childlife said...

She needs to work as a consultant! Is she booked for April? : )