Monday, September 17, 2007

"I see!"

After my post on Saturday about how the girls' soccer games went, Eileen asked in a comment if I take my own pictures. The answer to that question is yes - well most of them. Ron takes some as well, but all of the soccer ones have been mine - mainly because he hasn't been there. And that's really the only reason I've been taking so many (and video, but I haven't subjected you all to any of that - yet. *grin*) - because he hasn't been able to make it to any of their games so far this year. Thank you for all of the compliments on the pictures!

For every photo that you see on my blog site, there are at least 2 or 3 residing on my hard drive that weren't deemed blog-worthy. Besides, I put enough pictures on here - believe me, you don't need to be seeing everything I take! Ron complains about the amount of photos that we have and how much hard drive space they take up. At which point I remind him of how many photo albums I have from pictures taken before we got our first digital camera, 6 years ago. If I still had to have prints made of every single photo that I take - we'd need a bigger house just for the photo albums.


Part of the reason I take so many photos, I think, is that I have a horrible long-term memory. And I'm so afraid of not being able to remember all of the little things, like how the girls looked and acted at any particular age. Besides, they are just way too fun to take photos of!

Digital cameras are at fault though too - not having the cost of buying or developing film, plus knowing that I can delete any of them that I don't like (and yes, I do delete some. Well, a few anyway). It only took a short time to become used to addicted to having that screen on the back to see the photo as soon as I take it. No more waiting an hour, or overnight, or (ack!) several days to see that the picture you thought would turn out so cute instead contains a child with closed eyes or a finger up the nose...

Becca's starting to pick up a lot more words lately. And she's even beginning to string words together into phrases. One of her more recent phrases is "I see, I see, I see!". Guess when she demands says this?

After every picture that is taken of her. So we only get one shot nowadays folks, because after that she is all over us grabbing onto the camera, desperate for a glimpse at that magic screen on the back. Then when she does get to "see, see, see" - she's pointing at the picture saying, "baby!" or trying to take the camera from us and push all of the buttons. I'm worried she'll accidentally start deleting photos. Hmm, I probably shouldn't suggest to Ron that this might be a way of freeing up some extra hard drive space...

(I see! I see! I see!)

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5 wonderful people said...:

Mom not Mum said...

Awww she is too cute - if I was that cute I would be yelling I see I see after people take my picture as well. Instead I yell "I delete I delete!"

Jean said...

Mine are the same way. They'd rather "see" than "take"
It really threw my youngest off on grandma's camera as she nornally uses a disposable. No see on that type. He literally threw a fit one time because he couldn't understand why he couldn't see the picture.

kailani said...

Your pictures are great! What kind of camera do you have?

I can't even remember how we used to use the 35mm films. Gotta love technology!

Summer said...

She is just so cute!
The boys do the same thing after every picture.
"Let me see it mom!!!"
I can barely get them to pause and smile before they're running to see their faces on the back of the camera.

Corey~living and loving said...

LOL I take WAY to many pictures too. :) I love it!
oh and I hate trying to get a vidoe o my girl doing something cute because she wants to come sit with me and "see". LOL I try to explain that if she does that...there will be no one on the screen, but she doesn't get it.