Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aren't these cool - fun (and cheap!) wall stickers!

I bought these at the Dollar Store last weekend when we took Abby to spend her tooth fairy money. They're just some of several things that found their way into my cart that day that probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist. We've done so little to 'decorate' this house in general and these are fun, cheap and tasteful.

Disclaimer: I should probably say that this isn't an advertisement or anything - I don't even know who makes them. I just wanted to share because I really wasn't expecting to find anything like this at a dollar store!

Here's what they are:

I got this set for Abby and Hannah's room. Although I did paint this room when we moved in (pink, of course. LOL), it's never really been decorated much more than that. It started out as Abby's room and then we moved Hannah in there a couple of years ago too. We have white wooden bunkbeds and I did put up a border behind the bunkbeds at the time that we put them in there, but have never gotten the border up in the rest of the room (Target has since discontinued it and I don't have enough to finish the whole room). These stickers match the flower theme of the room really well and filled in a large blank area of wall.

Here's how they look actually up on the wall. Yes, I know it's a bit crooked - I should've used a level or something. But hey, nothing in nature is exactly straight up and down, right?

I think I may go back and get some more at some point and put some of the flowers and butterflies in other parts of the room to tie it all together. They were incredibly easy to put up - just peel and stick. And so far they've stayed on the wall really well with no curling or peeling.

They had so many styles and types to choose from - I was really amazed. They had some 'tile covers' meant to cover kitchen tiles to dress them up. We don't have a tile backsplash but since we can't afford to replace our dated, stained, laminate countertop and backspash, I got some of the tile covers thinking that I can maybe use them to simulate the look of tile. Or just to put up in a few places around the kitchen to spruce up the look a bit so you don't notice the horrible cabinets and countertops. :)

They also had growth chart wall stickers for kids' rooms and I want one of these so badly for Becca's room. I have growth charts up for both Abby and Hannah but have never gotten one for Becca. They only had those in 'boyish' themes that day though so I'll have to go back and see if I can find something that will work in her room (flowers and butterflies - pink/lavender). Her room is even less 'decorated' than the other bedroom since I know we'll be transitioning her out of the 'nursery' stuff soon and I don't know yet what kind of theme we'll use when she graduates to a big girl bed.

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6 wonderful people said...:

Summer said...

Very cute stickers!
Oh, and I put up the meme you tagged me for.

Morgan said...

Deb - What a great idea - and even if they do begin to peel, you can always afford to do it again, perhaps in a different style or whatever. The idea of tying things together with accompanying stickers is wonderful. Go get the growth chart before they run out!

we are reilly said...

I've heard they have these wall stickers at Lowe's too -- probably not as cheap as the dollar store though! There is a new company out there: Uppercase Living that does home shows and sells very neat wall 'art' like this -- but, it's VERY expensive -- probably like $20 for that flower sticker you have up!

Kell Rees said...

Those are very cute!
We have spider-man ones up in my sons room and those would be perfect for my daughters room!

BigBinder said...

Those are super cute! I need to get to the dollar store apparently, I haven't been in months. What a great find, thank you for sharing it!

Write From Karen said...

What a great way to decorate! I wish they had stuff like this when my boys were small. I did a lousy job of decorating their rooms when they were babies.

I don't decorate now, either. They are teenagers and veto everything I suggest. *sigh*