Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our evening in pictures

Yesterday evening after dinner and before bedtime, this is how the kids and I amused ourselves... While Abby and Hannah were in their room playing:

Becca and I were reading her current favorite book. I think it's her favorite because she can actually say pretty much all of the words in it. It is a very, very cute book. Although I must admit that I think it is one of the most boring books for an adult to read - how many times can you say, "Goo-goo", "Uh-oh" and "Bye-bye" with interesting inflections, LOL. I probably feel this way right now though because of the 15,093,207 times that I have read this book to Becca in the past few days.

Whoops, make that 15,093,208.

And here is my little ham of a girl posing with me as my way of distracting her from making that number even bigger!

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