Monday, August 27, 2007

Cute Abby-isms (or "how to talk with no front teeth")

Ring-ring.... ring-ring....

Abby is holding the phone receiver up to her ear, intently waiting for someone to pick up on the other end. She is calling my friend Kristi's house (last night) to let them know that she lost another tooth.

We couldn't hear the other end of the conversation so this is my recollection of what Abby said on her end. Please keep in mind she hasn't made very many phone calls on her own yet, other than to her daddy.

Abby - "Hi!" (Ron and I in the background both reminding her to say "this is Abby!")

(We can tell that Kristi's husband had answered the phone, but that was about it)

Abby - "My toofth came out!" (lisp courtesy of the large gap in her smile)

Abby - "Can you tell Krispi and Noah and Aaron that my tooth came out?" (Ron and I are giggling over "Krispi" - this must be how "Kristi" sounds when you have no front teeth)

Abby - "Well, here, you can talk to my dad 'cause he's a boy..."

I'm not sure what Ron said to Steve or how the rest of the phone call went because between "Krispi" and the fact that apparently Steve was only allowed to talk to another boy, I was doubled over in laughter.

Her next phone call was to my mom...

Abby - "Hi Grandma... It's Abby..." (this required a little bit less prompting than the first phone call)

Abby - "Well I wanted to call you 'cause my toofth fell out - why didn't you pick up the phone the last time I called when my other toofth fell out??" (poor Abby had a hard time getting a hold of people when she lost her first tooth... My mom had been out to dinner with my aunt)

I'm not sure what my mom answered, but I got the phone a minute or so later and Abby went into the living room with Ron to call his parents on his cell phone. (I have no idea how that conversation went!) Hmmm, I think we need to go over phone etiquette a bit more with her...

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4 wonderful people said...:

Pinks & Blues said...

That is SO CUTE!! I love the dialogue!! And congrats to Abby on her tooth coming out!! That is awesome!!
Was the tooth fairy good to her!?
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

~Amber~ said...

Awwww...congrats to Abby! Don't worry, Maddy is 8 and still has no phone etiquette !

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

awe!! I can't wait for the tooth fairy to come to our house! Mason SWEARS his teeth are loose!

BTW....I tagged you!

DawnK said...

That's really cute! It seems that no matter what exciting thing happens in my family, there is no one home to tell, anywhere! I remember that happening, when both of my kids started walking! It was a while before we got ahold of someone to tell them!