Monday, August 13, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday - Our 'zoo' (Updated)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I debated what to tackle this week. It was between cleaning out my junk drawers, dealing with the overflow of stuffed animals in Abby and Hannah's room, or dealing with this:
Since Becca's closet is a bit much to deal with this week (not to mention I really have no idea where to put all of the piles and piles of outgrown and 'to grow into' clothes), I'm going to procrastinate (yes, a total cop-out here!) and instead tackle the stuffed animal issue.

Yes, stuffed animals are quickly overtaking my house, starting with Abby and Hannah's room. So far I've been able to keep them under control in Becca's room, but her collection is starting to grow as well. And while I'd love to get rid of a ton of them, I've already weeded out the ones they absolutely do not pay any attention to. They play with the others. Every single one of them. And they notice if one is missing!

I've tried several different options over the years to corral the girls' zoo. When we first moved them into the same room, I bought a couple of those toy hammocks and hung them on the ends of their beds to stuff animals into - more like a toy 'net' than a hammock. This solution didn't work well because animals just fell out the bottoms as more were stuffed in the tops. Plus they were very bulky off the ends of their beds and the girls would empty the nets looking for specific 'friends'.

Since then, I've tried a few different things like this for the big stuffed animals:
And this for the smaller ones:
And yet even with both of these filled, the girls' beds still look like this:
And more often than not, everything ends up all over their floor and we find ourselves wading through their room.

So my 'tackle' for today is to find a home for each and every one of the girls' furry friends! I think it may incorporate this:

Check back later on to see how well it went... And check out more Tackle It Tuesday posts over at 5 Minutes for Mom!

Well I do have an update and a picture although this didn't quite work the way I'd expected, LOL. It does hold all of the stuffed animals that were on the girls' beds very nicely but unfortunately I've now learned the lesson about making sure you either use a drywall anchor or attach into something other than just plain drywalled ceiling.

I hung it, then lowered it with a loop of yarn so that the girls could reach most of the compartments. I was really very proud of myself and promptly began to collect all of the furry friends I could reach to fill it up. Was about to head for the camera to take my great 'after' picture and turned around to find this:

Whoops. So we now have what appears to be a large sausage stuffed with animals... Even the kitten was curious if you look closely enough! So I guess this Tuesday tackle won't truly be tackled completely (oh it's late and I'm tired, humor me!) until I can get my hubby to anchor the ceiling hook better. LOL

(Ugh, ignore the horrible stained carpet in this photo - we really need to replace it all in the house eventually...)

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12 wonderful people said...:

Cara said...

Welldone - and great inspiration!
I can't believe how quickly stuffed animals take over!

Jenny said...

Oh man! The dreaded stuffed animal attack...we've experienced that here several times. In fact, right now, the critters seem to be jumping from the hammock thingy hung from the ceiling...and when one jumps they all jump! lol!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

"when one jumps they all jump!"
Too true - I love it! LOL

Barbara H. said...

We had stuffed animal storage trouble, too, even with 3 boys. One time I was going trough them when my yougest's friend was here, thinking he's want to be "manly" in front of his friend and get rid of some. But it was his friend who kept saying, "Oh, you can't get rid of that, it's cute!" :-) I used one of those hanging shoe storage things, too. The hanging shelves look like a great idea.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Good luck with your tackle. I think stuffed animals are the downfall of many children's room organizations!

Debbie said...

A most awesome TIT. I'm really glad that now, with our girls. It's more or less, books & more books or the CD issues too. Our son it's all those wonderful little toy's that you step on, and drop off in the trash can after.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the inspiration! We're already running into stuffie problems and our daughter is only 9-months old. :-)

Q&Q said...

Oh I need to do that with just toys in general. I truly don't know where to begin. We're supposed to be moving soon so my thoughts are to box them by age for future children and then store them in the new home.

Good luck. You're motivating me.

Stephanie said...

I'll be back later to check up on you...I have a feeling this could be our house someday soon. :) (those animals multiply!)

An Iowa Mom said...

I'll check back later to see how that worked. I'm a bit worried that I could have done something like that rather than have each of my kids pick 5 of their favorites and I ditched all the rest. 4 big garbage bags full.

Yes, I did! They weren't happy ... but I was at my wits end.

I'm feeling a bit like a horrible mother right now.


Donetta said...

Good Idea. I made a huge corner net out of heavy net fabric I found. It seams to work well.

Jen@BigBinder said...

Yeah... my whole house looks like that right now. I like the hanging shelves idea.

My husband put a moratorium on garage sale toys, but he still drags some in from time to time too.

I probably should have Tackled It yesterday too... but I took the kids out to lunch instead. That's just the kind of mom I am :)