Sunday, August 26, 2007

To sum up our Sunday

Today was busy! And I'm thankful to have a couple of hours to relax before bedtime and another hectic week. The kids are all in bed and my laptop and I are spending some quality time together... :)

Ron's family had a big get-together today at his brother's house to celebrate Ron's and Bob's (his brother) birthdays. Ron's was the 19th and Bob's was the 24th. It was nice to see everyone together at once - it doesn't happen very much anymore. The only one missing was Ron's sister Anita but her 4 kids were there - in total we had all 12 of the grandkids, plus two more . Age-wise we had from 17 down to 9 months. It was a very loud party! Especially since Bob has a pool...

Getting to the party was an interesting time. The girls and I got home from church at 12:30pm. The party started at 1pm and it takes about 20 minutes to get there. Do-able, right?

Yeah. Some other day perhaps. Not today.

But it was quite comical actually. Between me rushing around like a crazy woman trying to grab all of the swimming gear, clothes to change into, etc. (yes, I know I should've prepared earlier!), then our neighbors (and friends) getting home from a 2-week trip to Hawaii just as we were getting in the van - so of course we had to run over and say hi, show off Abby's missing tooth, hear about their trip, and then rush back home to take off. Oh yes then forgetting the swim rings so having to turn around halfway around the block for them. And we knew we'd have to stop at the store quickly to grab a birthday card for Bob as well as some chips to bring. So we finally got on the road.

Five minutes later, Hannah had to go potty. Badly. We remembered at this point that we forgot to have the kids go before we left. Oops.

So we stopped at a convenience store and I tookAbby and Hannah inside. Of course they were wearing their bathing suits underneath their clothes so getting everyone undressed, potty needs dealt with, hands washed and re-dressed - wasn't a quick process.

We were, even with all of that, only 40 minutes late. Which isn't actually too bad for us. And we even beat his parents!

So I did mention that Bob has a pool, right?

And Ron got ganged up on by 7 nieces and 3 daughters...

Poor Becca didn't get much of a nap today but she really didn't do that badly at bathtime tonight. I had just Hannah and Becca to deal with (Ron took Abby out for tacos since the other girls don't like them). Becca was a much improved little Boo over the last bathtime!

And Abby had a surprise for me when she and Ron got home from dinner:

At this rate, she's not going to have any teeth left! LOL Talk about a gaping hole - that's both top front ones, plus there was a decent-sized gap between them anyway... The tooth fairy just made another stop and thanks to the tooth fairy pillow we got last time, the big exchange went much better tonight. Phew!

Uh-oh, I just remembered that we left all of the swim rings at Bob's house. Oh well...

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2 wonderful people said...:

Kerry said...

How nice to have family close by! We do too on my hub's side and the family gatherings are so fun w/ so many kids. My in-laws live on a lake so going swimming off the boat is always a treat.

Your story about getting out the door sound very familiar! :)

~Amber~ said...

Great pics! Love all the girls ganging on on Ron!! Hugs!