Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two couples - one movie = No babysitter!

We have one close set of 'couple friends' who we've met since we got married. And we have kids the same age because we actually met Carlos and Cheryl in childbirth class when we were expecting our first babies (Hi Cheryl!). DJ arrived just 2 days after Abby was born and we overlapped in the hospital by a day. Cheryl and I have a lot in common and she's become a close friend in the past almost-seven years. Since we moved here in late 2003, we don't see each other as much in person (they live about an hour away) but Cheryl and I e-mail back and forth quite a bit and keep each other updated on our lives.

Then in 2005, we each found ourselves pregnant and again, due within days of each other. This time, Quinn was born first, just 4 days before Becca was. So we have 2 sets of kids the same age, plus Hannah in the middle. We have the three girls, and they have two boys.

We try to get together every month or so but lately between Ron's and Carlos' schedules plus the insane cost of gas, it's been more like every 2-3 months. Both guys actually had the day off today - and none of us had made it to the newest Harry Potter movie yet, so Cheryl and I plotted a way that two cash-strapped families could enjoy a movie (somewhat) together without having to pay a babysitter.

So our afternoon went something like this:

12:30pm - The girls and I arrive home from church.
12:45pm - Carlos, Cheryl and kids arrive. Ron and Carlos immediately take off for the movie theatre, leaving Cheryl and me to feed all 5 kids lunch and keep them all amused. We took the kids to the mall for a while to get out of the house and let them run of some steam. Believe me - they needed it.
3:00pm - Headed home from the mall with 3 still-wound-up kids and 2 grumpy toddlers who hadn't had a nap yet.
3:15pm - Ron and Carlos arrive back home. Cheryl and I gladly escape to the world of Harry Potter.

Imagine - a movie, snacks, grown-up company... It was wonderful! The actual movie was pretty darn good too. ;)

Our little plan of leaving the kids home with the guys around dinner time, thinking maybe they would put two and two together and like possibly - start dinner... Nope. But the house was still standing when we got back and the kids were each in one piece. Becca had barely gotten a nap so she was big-time grumpy but pizza cured all ills, like usual. Yes, the guys had dropped the ball with dinner (and even - hold the presses - admitted it!!!), so Ron ran out and grabbed pizzas.

All in all, although stressful, the plan succeeded - we all saw the movie, we didn't pay for any babysitting, and the kids all survived. And even though Ron and I didn't actually see the movie 'together', it was fun to have a girls-only visit with Cheryl - something that rarely (hmm, if ever) actually happens!

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9 wonderful people said...:

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Now that's just plain awesome. It was like best of both worlds. Girls getting to spend time with daddy and mommy getting adult time in while daddy did as well! Very cool that you all get to do that.

la bellina mammina said...

What a cool plan that was!!

I usually have 4-5 BOYS one weekend or another, and no, the men are never involved.

kailani said...

What a great plan. I may have to suggest it to my sister.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I remember the days of tag-team movie watching. Although it was just dh and I. I'd go to the movie, come home, and he'd head out.

Although, personally, I liked seeing my movie second. Sort of a nice thing to look forward to after dealing with the kids!

Glad you had some time out!

Kate said...

Oh the things we have to do for a little freedom and sanity! What a great idea! I'm sure I'll give that one a try AND make sure hubby has dinner prepared when I get home! Hee Hee!

Ana said...

That is so cool having another couple to relate too and to share good times with. I cracked up at the men handling the kids. lol

summershine said...

Having couple friends to swap babysitting with has been a life saver. Both for sanity and the pocket book.

BigBinder said...

That is awesome. "Girl" time is so great; it's amazing what just a few hours will do. Good for you!

Kerry said...

Very cool idea. I'll have to remember this one.

Glad you got out for some girl time.