Sunday, August 19, 2007

"HapBirdy Daddy"

The title is in 'Becca-ese', LOL. Somewhere she picked up on how to say Happy Birthday - her language has just been exploding over the past week or two. It was very sweet to hear her wish her Daddy a 'hapbirdy' this morning.

So far the highlights of Ron's birthday have included breakfast in bed (a bowl of Trix - his request) and opening the gifts that the girls picked out for him last weekend at the dollar store. Abby picked out this little orange plastic cone that says "Wow! Wow! Wow!" on it - so that they can kick the soccer ball at it when they're playing outside (her and Daddy, that is). Hannah got him a heavy duty car sponge to use when he washes his work truck. I got him a book of Sudoku puzzles. The girls each made a card for him yesterday too when we wrapped the presents.

Tonight we'll go out to dinner at our usual haunt for birthdays - Brann's Steakhouse and Grill. Awesome food, very kid-friendly (the kids love the candy crane machine especially), and hopefully Ron's parents will be able to come with us.

We're also hoping that the baby next door may come (or have come - their van's been gone all day so we're not sure) today.

Ok, off the subject but I took Becca to the mall last night after dinner while the big girls had movie night with Daddy and found new shoes for her at Sears - Elmo & Zoe sandals on clearance for $6.99 and Tinkerbell tennis shoes on clearance also for $6.99! Her other sandals were hand-me-downs from Hannah and have been slowly falling apart all summer. And she had no other shoes that currently fit. She's very proud of her new (light-up) shoes! I also found great clearance deals on underwear and socks for the girls - it's funny how things like that make your day when you have kids, isn't it!

So a big 'hapbirdy' wish to Ron today from his 3 girls and me!

Update - Monday morning... I found out this morning how Becca learned to say Happy Birthday! Apparently at daycare the little ones like to line up stacking cups or blocks and pretend they're birthday candles so they sing Happy Birthday about 300 times a day. Which is really cute but another one of the (many) things that I'm sad I'm never there to see...

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Summer said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubby! I love birthdays and so do my kids. My oldest is always asking me whose birthday is next and when and if we can have a party. It's so cute!