Saturday, August 11, 2007

A gaping hole...

There is now a large gap - in Abby's smile! Yes, she lost her first tooth yesterday. And she is so incredibly proud of her new smile:

Her tooth had been loose for the past couple of weeks. I looked at her last night just before bedtime and her tooth was literally sticking out sideways. So I said, "um, Abby - I think maybe if you grab your tooth and pull it might come out" - which it did! Then we tried to figure out what to do with it - those things are tiny... She wanted to put it under her pillow right away but I had the feeling it would get lost in all of the blankets and such in her bed, so we finally put it in a cup on her dresser. I remember that someone had given us one of those 'tooth fairy pillows' back right after she was born but geesh, that was over 6 years ago (and 3 moves ago!) and I have no idea where it went.

So Ron and I got to play 'tooth fairy' last night. This actually was quite humorous as, like I said before, those things are tiny! We carefully watched where under her pillow she placed it at bedtime and hours later Ron snuck into her room to make the switch. However, she'd apparently been restless enough that her tooth wasn't anywhere to be found. It took both of us and a flashlight, groping around under her pillow for 10 minutes to finally find it - all the time wondering how we'd explain ourselves if she woke up. "Well, we were just checking to see if the tooth fairy had come yet, yeah - that's it!" Phew! Mission accomplished and she was very excited about the crisp dollar bill she found under there this morning.

I took the girls to the dollar store (Hannah had a dollar left over from a while back so she had money to spend too) and they each picked out something - Abby found a stuffed dolphin and Hannah chose some bouncy balls, then decided to pick a Belle figurine instead, then found a notepad with a dog on the cover so changed her mind again, and finally ended up coming home with a door-hanger dry erase board with a unicorn on it. I also found a cute little plastic bat and ball set just Becca's size. And I let the girls each pick out something to give Ron for his birthday next weekend (Abby picked a little plastic construction-type cone that says 'bingo' on it - so they have something to kick the soccer ball at, don't ask. Hannah picked a large sponge so he can wash his work truck. I'm sure he'll be just thrilled with that one!) . And I found a whole bunch of scrapbooking stuff - hey, it's all just a dollar right? Oh yes, and we also found a new tooth fairy pillow as well - Abby's got another loose tooth already... So I went a little hog wild and we left with $23 worth of stuff... Not a good idea when we're behind on bills. Oops.

Here are a few more pictures of our 'toothless' grin girl!

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5 wonderful people said...:

Karen said...

Beautiful smile! :) And she does look *quite* proud! :)

Christine said...

A very proud and beautiful smile! :)

Adorable photos.

grace said...

I had my toothless smile around that age and it was in time for my class picture!! It's very easy to find me in the just have to search for the girl smiling from ear to ear with a gaping hole!

Katja from said...

She is so cute!

The toothfairy has forgotten to come last two times (I'm worst mom ever!) and I can been sneaking in "just brush your teeth, I'm sure she came and I'll find it.... oh, here it is, she was just trying to hide it".

We don't give money, but I bought this set of fairies from Disney Store a year ago, and she gets one collectible fairy for tooth.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

LOL - Abby may be the one with the toothless grin in her school photo this year, especially if the other top front one comes out soon.

Katja - I love the fairy idea! :)