Friday, August 24, 2007

What a 'nice' end to my week!

It's the little things sometimes that make you feel good and can help to bring up your mood and your day. And the not so little things too.

At the end of a long week, I am very surprised, humbled and honored to be awarded the "Nice Matters" award, by Donetta at "A Life Uncommon". She is a mom to be inspired by as you can see at both of her blogs (also check out "A Life Restored"). She had the following to say about yours truly:

"I enjoy the posts of this dear mom. She has a very kind way about her posts. Knowing that kind = nice. I would like to pass on a little kindness her way. How pleasant I find my visits to her world."
Thank you, Donetta! You are very kind yourself to say so, and I enjoy reading your posts and comments as well. :) This is my very first bloggy award!

I would like to pass this along to just a few of the many wonderful people who have been so nice to me since I began this blog (and that haven't already been awarded it that I know of) - Summer, Dawn, Jenny, and Jordan. You couldn't ask for a bunch of nicer ladies.

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6 wonderful people said...:

Absolutely Bananas said...

Hey thanks! and now that's a great start to my weekend too! :)

Corey~living and loving said...

congrats! You deserve this lovely award! :)

Summer said...

Thanks Deb! How very NICE of you!!

Jordan said...

Thanks Deb!

Donetta said...

Oh.. Big Hug :)
Continue to celebrate life. You are rich.

Anonymous said...

Congratulatons on your award!! From one working mom to another, and all the balancing acts and stil being nice. How very cool. Your girls are beautiful.