Thursday, August 9, 2007

Throwback Thursday - me and my little brother

My 'baby' brother is two years younger than I am. It always really makes me realize how old I am when I realize how old he's gotten. So, since he's 34 this year, that makes me... getting closer to 40 than I'm really comfortable with!

Here's the first picture I have of us together - I'm not sure who/what we were looking at... Gotta love the 70's gold chair though! Those chairs were in our living room up until my teens, LOL.

I love this next photo! I remember wanting to play dress-up as a bride with my mom's wedding veil - I got all dolled up but was minus a groom... So I convinced Donnie to stand in. His contribution was wearing our dad's old derby hat, and carrying his stuffed dog (backwards, by the way). And posing for this photo!

Here's what was probably our very first snowman...

And on our jungle gym in the backyard. This photo also begs the question - what were our parents thinking?! Only solid ground underneath (no sand, wood chips, layers of rubber padding, etc.), the thing wasn't even anchored to the ground. And we climbed, hung, swung and everything else you can imagine from this thing for years! I remember it rocking when there wasn't someone on the other side to balance it out... I shudder to think of everything bad that 'could' have happened. And I would never put something like this in our yard because I'd be terrified of every 'bad' possibility out there! And yet, nobody ever got hurt... Makes you think, huh!

I also love the fall colors in this photo - we had so many trees in our backyard, this is what it looked like every year.

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9 wonderful people said...:

Girl Gone Wild said...

OH! Those are great photos! We had a gold recliner that looked just like your chair.

MomOf3 said...

What fun memories! You look so proud by your baby brother! :)

pinks & blues girls said...

These are such great photos! I love that you had such a fun relationship growing up... the one of you guys dressed up as bride and groom is too cute!!

And those really are some beautiful fall colors... makes me excited for the fall!

Happy TT!

Jane, P&B Girls

Shana said...

Great pictures. The fall photo is very pretty.

dcrmom said...

Those are great! Love the 70s colors.

Lisa said...

Love your back yard!!! Fabulous pictures.

Nichole said...

Great photos! We're expecting our second child in November, so it's nice to see siblings getting along so well.

Dawn - Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I have the same problem with my baby brother. He's OLD! LOL

KC said...

Those are great pictures.
My grandparents had a gold recliner like that when I was younger. My brother is 5 years younger then me he turned 29 in May.. with him pushing 30 I'm really feeling like I"m getting up there in age LOL
Great Throwback.